What Does 10BASE-2 Mean?

10Base2 is among the family of Ethernet network standards for local area networks (LAN) that uses a thinner version of coaxial cable to establish a network path or medium and operates at a speed of 10 Mbps to carry out baseband transmission.


10Base2 is also known as cheapernet, thinwire, thinnet and thin Ethernet.

Techopedia Explains 10BASE-2

10Base2 use RG- 58 A/U coaxial cable that is thinner, flexible, cheaper and comparatively easier to install than cable used in 10Base5 standard. The maximum cable length within a 10Base2 is 200 meters, but 185 meter is a preferred length. The maximum number of nodes that can connect within a 10Base2 network segment is 30.

10Base2 use BNC T-connector to join two cables together and to connect with the computer’s network interface card (NIC). Moreover, the cable must be terminated with a 50 ohm resistant at each end.


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