What Does AppScale Mean?

AppScale is an open-source cloud computing platform that supports the execution of applications developed by Google App Engine. AppScale enables multiple App Engine applications to be uploaded to a cloud.


Techopedia Explains AppScale

AppScale framework is an implementation of platform as a service. It sits over any virtualization-supported infrastructure to host and operate applications created in the Google App Engine. It supports the deployment of multiple applications over the cloud and supports deployment for major vendors operating as infrastructure as a service. Before being commercially released, AppScale framework was developed and maintained as a university research project at the Rapid Access Computing Environment Lab at the University of Santa Barbara.

AppScale is written in Java, Go and Python for the Google App engine and executed on infrastructure-independent platforms. It operates by implementing as a virtual machine over any virtualized infrastructure, including Amazon EC2 and Eucalyptus private clouds. It also supports the integration of applications developed for the Google App Engine.

AppScale also supports other APIs like MapReduce and the Message Passing Interface. AppScale provides complete liberty in selecting public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructure. It also supports many different data stores, including MySQL Cluster, Memcache DB and MongoDB.


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