Management Reporting

What Does Management Reporting Mean?

Management reporting is a key term for a type of business intelligence that involves reports meant to help managers to oversee operations and performance. These types of reports are core pieces of many new enterprise technologies that aim to automate or enhance the process of management reporting.


Techopedia Explains Management Reporting

Many management reporting tools consider the traditional enterprise methods for analyzing and benchmarking performance. For example, many of these have built-in tools meant to address key performance indicators or KPIs, as well as objectives and key results (OKRs) as part of driving business enhancement.

Some may be attached to data warehouse models, or even machine learning models, that help port data to where it's needed to make a difference. In general, management reporting software is meant to cover the waterfront in terms of helping managers to have the accessible, digestible data that they need to make critical and long-term decisions.


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